Online Giving

Four Mile now offers THREE options for automated giving:

1. myEoffering - a great choice because it is so easily customizable to your preferences of recurring payments or one time donations - to different funds within Four Mile, it is fully mobile-accessible, it has the lowest fee deducted*, and they're a Christian company we've already partnered with for the past 20+ years. Click Here to read more.

Donate Now

* When making a contribution on myEoffering directly via your bank account ACH, the church is only charged $0.30 fee, regardless of the donation amount, which is the lowest fee we've ever seen! If you use your debit/credit card, those companies (Visa, MC, Discover) still take a 2.75% fee out of your total donated amount (ex: $100 donation will charge you $100, but the church will receive $96.95. Your financial giving statement will reflect $100 donation)

2. PayPal - you may already have an account with PayPal and prefer to give electronically with this provider. This method also offers recurring payments or one time donations. A 3% processing fee will be added onto your transaction.

Recurring Giving:

Recurring transactions have a 3% service charge from PayPal which will appear in your bank statement with their fee ADDED ON, i.e. $10.03, $25.75

Members can end weekly subscriptions by clicking this Unsubscribe link


One-Time Giving:

PayPal transactions have a 3% processing fee.

3. Automated Bank Draft - this is a great option because it is free for both of us! You tell your bank the amount and frequency and they mail a check to Four Mile. Easy Peasy.