Sermon Series

The earliest Christians were given the name ‘people of the way.’ Interesting. Jesus’ invitation to willing parties at the beginning and down through the ages has and remains ‘come, follow me.’ Our Lord’s mandate and mantel of responsibility to His church – from the largest down to the smallest is and will remain until He returns ‘go and make disciples of all nations…’ Christians by definition are disciples and disciple makers which literally means we are ‘followers.’

There is an interesting and essential dynamic in all of this. It means that Christians are not settlers. To ‘follow’ – to be a person of ‘the way’ – to ‘go and make..’ all imply this – that wherever you are when you receive God’s call – you can’t stay there. Jesus enters into your world so that He can lead you into His. Wherever we are when He finds and calls us – His intention is for us to ‘go.’ To advance, to grow, to enter new territory and to change.

As we begin a new year together as Christ ‘followers’ we are going to look at some areas in our life together where we believe God is saying to us ‘we can’t stay here.’ So be sure to join us as we consider the ‘next steps’ God has set before us together as His church.

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