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   In 2013, after a long period of spiritual discernment , we became convicted that in order to be most effective in fulfilling the mission God has entrusted to us it would be necessary to move our church affiliation from PC(USA) to a community of churches more in line with our own convictions and biblical understandings.

   Critical to that decision was honoring our reformed heritage as well as ensuring a strong theological core that emphasized the centrality of the gospel of Jesus Christ, valuing the unrivaled authority of the Bible to teach us all that is necessary for faith and life and emphasizing our call to live out the Great commission including evangelism, spiritual formation, compassion and redemptive justice in our communities and to the ends of the earth.

   A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians (ECO) met those criteria and offered much more that was appealing to our church community. In order to “build flourishing churches that make disciples of Jesus Christ”, ECO is aware that identifying, equipping and reproducing strong gospel-centered leaders is critical. There is an emphasis on covenant partnerships that connect leaders with one another in healthy relationships of accountability, synergy and care. ECO churches believe in unleashing the ministry gifts of men and women, engaging all in serving and growing in their understanding of all that it means to be a follower of Jesus. ECO holds high the value of vigorously reproducing new missional communities to expand the Kingdom of God.

On January 27, 2013 our congregation united in joining with ECO who envision themselves as more of a movement than a traditional denomination, existing for the purpose of serving and supporting local covenanted biblical communities who are being used by God to expand His Kingdom here on earth. We encourage you to take a look at the core values and the essential tenets of the ECO at

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